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Gothic Nothic

About Me


Who I am

I am a woman who has tried a lot of things and learned a lot of skills. Many of which don't go together and are hard to include on a resume.

My name is Beth.

I'm a Jill of all trades and a mistress of some.


What I Do


Well... maybe not everything, but a lot of things. I draw, paint, write, sing... I have over twenty years of experience working with essential oils and other herbal remedies.  I am an aspiring voice actor - attempting to realize my childhood dream. If I don't already have something on the site that you want to see. Drop me a line and I'll see what I can do.


My Inspiration

I have been a gamer since before the term was common. When I was four-years-old, my dad brought home a brand-spanking-new Atari 400. It was love at first sight. 

I love video games and RPGs. Critical Role may as well be my life blood at this point. My entertainment diet is 99% Geek and Sundry/Project Alpha.